Manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for machining plastic products

About us

DongguanHejin Plastic Machinery Co. is a professional manufacturing enterprise founded in 2009. We specialize in the production of auxiliary equipment for machining plastic products. Our design team is made up of highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to the research and development of products such as dehumidification and drying system, plastic system, plastic resin dryers, PET crystallizers, industrial chillers, feeding systems, resin blending systems, and large outdoor storage silos. Hejin products are suitable for plastic extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, PET embryo injection, central feeding systems and many other processes in plastics operations. We have many years of production experience in the plastic products machining industry and make use of a seasoned engineering team, guaranteeing a high level of production quality. Details

Project Example

  • Dehumidification dryer
  • Drying system and PET crystallizer
  • Large outdoor storage silo